Electromagnetic Mats Protect During Sleep From Radiation

Users of electromagnetic mats rest better and sleep more soundly. It is in part due to peace of mind, but also due to the dissipating of dangerous radiation from the constant electromagnetic fields that surround us. Studies show that Americans suffer from a lack of sleep causing tens of thousands of on the job and in vehicle accident fatalities every year. Electromagnetic fields harm the human body by damaging DNA thereby leading to an increased risk for cancers. All devices, large and small, emit dangerous radiation; to protect from the harmful effects, specialized products have been developed to dissipate these harmful radiation levels.

Electromagnetic Mats Encourage A Restful Night’s Sleep

A better night’s sleep is available with electromagnetic mats. While stress and long hours are normally considered the reason for restless nights, the invisible radiation emitted by all electronics adds to the equation. Many of us suffer from the daytime drowsiness, impaired cognitive function, and a lack of energy. The use of caffeine and other stimulates while may keep us awake, but it doesn’t replace the need for sleep. Health practitioners believe that a 8 hours of sleep per night is optimal for mind and body. Using an electromagnetic mat on your bed increases your ability to have a good night’s sleep and protects you from harmful fields.

Guard Against The Health Dangers Of Electromagnetic Fields When You Sleep With Electromagnetic Mats

Radiation from electromagnetic fields has been shown to damage strands of DNA. Damaged DNA strands are a significant health concern, as damaged strands can lead to cell death and a variety of cancers. Cognitive function is impaired when the human body doesn’t have enough restful time and sleep to regenerate. Now, state-of-the-art electromagnetic mats can dissipate the harmful waves from disrupting sleep patterns and ward off the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields in our homes.

Electromagnetic Mats Protect Users During Sleep By Blocking Radiation Fields

Electromagnetic mats neutralize over 90% of the harmful electromagnetic fields making beds safe havens from the constant onslaught of radiation produced by all electrical appliances. Consumer advocacy groups and the medical community are working to increase awareness of the harmful side effects from our technological saturated lives. All devices that plug into an electrical outlet emit dangerous radiation. In the bedroom, electric blankets, alarm clocks and the home’s wiring are guilty. Experts recommend that all electrical devices be kept a minimum of 6 feet away; this is not always possible, as we are constantly surrounded by electronics.

Stress, long hours, family commitments and dangerous electromagnetic fields all contributed to poor sleep patterns. The human body needs sleep to function, regenerate and remain healthy. To ensure proper sleep, electromagnetic mats, should be used to dissipate these harmful fields that can lead to cancers, poor memory function and immune system disruption.


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Author: Victoria Garcia

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