Deck Building and Deck Problems in Bristow VA

Deck building is not that difficult, than repair, and maintenance, as natural elements are a constant threat to decks, like snow, rain, and sun. Decks have to face various problems, especially if deck building is done in wood, which is very common in Bristow VA. Some of these problems include water leakage, rotting, flaking, and molds etc, so they are treated according to the issue.

Sealing a deck

Once a deck is built, it needs to be sealed to avoid water penetration, so a sealer is used, or it’s painted. Moreover, paint can also increase the life of wood, repelling certain elements. But, no matter how carefully you have sealed, there are still the chances of leakage, so maintenance is required on frequent basis. While coating there should be no signs of rain, as water can damage the work. It is better to apply a paint coating, or a sealant in a normal temperature.


A painted surface can flake due to weather, poor quality of paint, or when paint gets older. So before applying a new coat, you should remove the old sealant. Some people do it by applying water with high pressure, but it should be avoided, as it can damage wood grains. The experts recommend using grease, and a scraper for this purpose, after which it should be sanded to get new paint. Living in Bristow VA, you may face flakes many times after deck building, which can be removed following these techniques.

Deck fading

Some woods get faded like mahogany, which can be treated through a polish, getting back the original appearance, which should be then sealed for long lasting effect. Moreover, resealing is required on yearly basis.


Wood can rot which is not a strange thing, but as it happens because of water, so the problem should be solved after detecting the water source. But, sometimes it happens due to paint failure, so a repaint is recommended in this condition. But, when the damage is more, the deck should be replaced with new one. Also see its base frame, which if rotten remove it, but to avoid the issue forever always install rot resistant woods.


Mold is another problem, which may happen if cleaning is not done on frequent basis, so a fungicide should be sprayed. In north areas molds grow more, hence high maintenance is needed. If for any reason water stays on the deck, it should be removed, as it may cause molds. So, the roof gutter pipe should be built away from the deck to avoid water. However, if there is a direct fall of roof water on a deck, the position of gutter should be changed. Keep on checking your deck against any water source, so that you may hit the problem before any damage happens. After deck building in a house of Bristow VA, if maintenance is done carefully, various issues can be eliminated. You should keep yourself updated in this regard, through magazines, and internet browsing.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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