Comparing Home Alarms

With a burglary occurring every 14.3 seconds and a robbery taking place every 1.3 minutes (according to the FBI), home alarms have become indispensable to the safety of our homes. Having your house armed with home alarms can significantly reduce the risks of it being broken into or burgled. The amazing technology available today in home security systems offers you a number of options to safeguard your home.

How to Compare Home Alarms

As there are various types of home alarms available in the market, it becomes crucial to the safety of your home that you first compare the different types of security systems and then choose the right one. Here are some factors, based on which you can compare the home alarms offered by various security companies.

1.System Equipment: Ask if the security company offers hard-wired or wireless alarm systems. Decide on which system you want to use for communicating with the security system, such as a standard land line or cellular connection. Make sure that there are buttons on the control panel, which enable you to get in touch directly with the home alarm company in case of an emergency. Find out if the alarm system also uses equipment that detects carbon monoxide levels and fire. Also find out if the alarm monitors flooded basements. Ensure that the alarm equipment does not become ineffective in freezing temperatures. Look for such alarm equipment that you can easily monitor from your cell phone or your computer.

2.Monitoring Charges: Find out how much the security company will charge for monitoring your home alarm system. Also find out if the charges they quote will include any additional equipment you have added, apart from the basic equipment, such as smoke detectors or flooding detectors. Also, find out if the monitoring stations are run by professionals who are adept at handling the system.

3.Installation Costs: Get installation price quotations from the various home security companies you are considering. Find out what equipment is being offered in the basic package and whether there will be extra charges for additional sensors or detectors. Find out if there are any other one-time charges or taxes you will have to pay, which are not included in the quoted price.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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