Benefits of using a Bottleless Water Dispenser in at the Workplace

Did you know that that plastic that is most commonly used for bottling water is polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a derivative of crude oil? Some 2.7 million tons of plastic is used worldwide to bottle water every year. This was revealed by the Earth Policy Institute (EPI), an organization supported by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Partnership in February 2006. This emphasizes the need to switch from bottled water to bottleless water dispensers.

Offices that install bottleless water dispensers can enjoy many health related benefits and other types of convenience, resulting in overall increased productivity for the company.

Advantages of a Bottleless Water Dispenser for Offices

Apart from the absence of transparency and contributing to environmental hazards, bottled water lacks many other features that a bottleless water dispenser can offer. Read on to know the benefits of switching to water filtration systems, such as bottleless water dispensers in office:

Get a Quick Drink

At office, employees are always in a rush. However, everyone needs a hot brew up or iced cold drinks to refresh them periodically. A bottleless water dispenser works perfectly in an office set up. It saves on a lot of time which is otherwise spent by the employees in leaving the office premises every time to have a hot coffee. The time saved can be invested in increasing the productivity of the company. Apart from this, employees develop a sense of satisfaction in the management of the company. They are assured of clean drinking water, means that they are valued.

Cut down on the bottled water costs

When you sign up for a bottled water service, you are bound to pay additional delivery and transportation fee every month. This additional cost is eliminated in case of a bottleless water dispenser. You can be assured of the high quality of purified water at the point of consumption. Also, carrying heavy bottled water can be very difficult and cumbersome. However, in case of a water dispenser, all you need to do is to lift up the spigot.

Environment friendly and Better Purification

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, bottled water is made from the plastic. Chemicals, such as BPA. can easily penetrate if the water sits for days. Also, bottled water is considered as spring water by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Association), which is not a very high recognition for drinking water. However, in case of water dispenser, good companies use state of the art ozone water sterilization technology to purify the water. This ensures the employees of the best quality of drinking water.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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