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Negligent driving is a curse that Florida faces everyday. Four of the US’s deadliest intersections are in this state and 23% of all drivers are driving uninsured. Determining your injury claim is easily done by looking at the insurance company’s evaluation of the costs incurred in repair, but there are other losses, such as medical bills, loss of income during recuperation, etc. These costs that you have incurred because of another’s fault should also be compensated for. To ensure that your rights are protected as you seek these compensation claims, hire competent attorneys from Cape Coral, FL, who are experienced in filing auto accident claims.

Types of Injury Claims Handled by Attorneys in Cape Coral, FL

Hopefully the damage is small enough to be settled between the two parties involved in the accident. Most often, the party at fault pays for damages. But if the damages are more and the fault is unclear, then attorneys in Cape Coral, FL, need to be involved, as do the insurance companies. Here are some of the types of claims one can make for an auto accident injury:

Medical Expenses: ER expenses, doctor’s visits, tests, hospital expenses, other treatments and devices such as neck braces and crutches are medical expenses you may have incurred after an auto accident. Also, future medical expenses can be claimed if you need continued hospital care. Medical expenses are typically used as a benchmark for determining the reasonableness of damage awards, so you should discuss with your attorneys in Cape Coral, FL, a ballpark figure of your medical claim foremost.

Pain and Suffering: Pain and suffering are immeasurable, intangible quantities, although damages may be granted for prolonged physical pain and mental anguish that you might suffer due to the accident. The severity of physical pain and mental apprehension, fright, anxiety, loss of dignity, etc, are some of the factors that are used to determine compensation for such claims.

Lost Wages: Had you not been injured you would have earned a certain amount of money, which is now lost to you. Thus, you should file a claim to recover those wages. If your ability to earn has been impaired for the future too, you can claim for that as well.

Loss of Consortium:The uninjured spouse can claim compensation for loss of the benefits of a married life. This may include loss of companionship, sexual relations, comfort, solace and affection.

Property Damage: A claim for the value of property that was damaged can be made.

Be alert at the scene of the auto accident and, if possible, take photographs and gather other evidence because even insurance carriers evaluate the claim according to the types and amounts of damages suffered and the percentage of fault, which is difficult to prove. Your attorneys in Cape Coral, FL, should be able to advise you as to which claims to file and which have enough evidence to back them up.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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