An Overview of Getting Dental Implants in Naperville

by | Aug 31, 2020 | miscellaneous

Dental Implants in Naperville are more than just a cosmetic consideration. They’re also better for your teeth than having no tooth at all. The teeth all support each other, and when one or more teeth are missing, the other teeth will move into that gap and create more gaps within the teeth. That can also mess up the biting and chewing alignment for the teeth. Misaligned teeth can even affect your speech.

The dentist will evaluate the patient to determine whether the patient is able to have Dental Implants in Naperville. It depends on the condition of the jawbone, the gum tissues, and the patient’s health. The jaw bone needs to be strong enough and dense enough so that the dentist can place the implant within the jaw bone.

Dental Implants in Naperville can be used to replace just one tooth or several adjacent teeth. If a patient has none of their own teeth any more, they can get an implant which can be used to hold a bridge in place. Some patients find this to be more natural than removable dentures.

Patients shouldn’t worry about pain when they are being fitted for Dental Implants in Naperville. The dentist will be able to administer a local anesthetic first that won’t hurt and will prevent discomfort during the procedure. For patients who are extra anxious and who might have a hard time sitting still, there are other options that they should ask their dentist about. The dentist may suggest one of several kinds of sedation, depending on the patient’s health and the type of procedure they are having, which keep the patient relaxed during the procedure.

They will need to care for their new implant the same way they would with a regular tooth. They should brush twice a day, angling their brush toward the gum line, and floss once a day to get rid of plaque that builds up in between the teeth and that a toothbrush can miss.

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