Are Wireless Home Alarms Effective?

There’s been good and bad feedback about wireless home alarms in recent months. The top alarm system companies are keeping up with technology and incorporating it alongside their hardwire alarm systems. However, with everything there’s pros and cons to using wireless home alarms.

There are many advantages of going wireless including the fact that it is not easily recognized by burglars. Wireless home alarms can be hidden easily in plain view. Wireless alarms are also easy to install and in some cases can be done by the individual rather than the alarm company.

After some improvements the wireless home alarm systems of today are just as reliable as hardwire systems. In the past wireless alarms weren’t quite as efficient and the waves of the wireless couldn’t penetrate some walls and other obstructions, letting burglars get away without tripping the alarm.

There are some downsides to wireless home alarms as well. Although improvements have been made to help them run efficiently, some wireless alarms require cables to run from the control panel and external sounder to remote keypads. One of the past advantages of wireless systems was that they were indeed wireless and not that difficult to install.

There are some wireless systems that don’t have the extra wires and utilize motion detection through infrared motion sensors. The motion sensors prompt the control console to send an alarm to the police and it does this through the cellular network.

Another disadvantage of wireless home alarm systems is the cost. Wireless home alarms tend to be on the more expensive side and are not as cost efficient as hardwire alarm systems.

Some advantages of the hardwire systems are that they are cost efficient. They are reliable and offer similar advantages as wireless systems.

When you are building a new home it’s easy to install a hardwire alarm system and conceal the equipment at the same time. It’s an excellent idea to add in a hardwire alarm system while building new houses or commercial business structures.

There are some downsides to hardwire alarm systems. They aren’t as easily concealed if they are being added to an already built home. However, there are several design considerations with hardwire alarms.

Hardwire alarm systems are difficult to install in a home that isn’t set up to incorporate the systems. Discretion is important in any home alarm system and hardwire installations require a little more creativity in that aspect.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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