4 Topps Baseball Card Sets that Made History

Did you know that Topps produced its first batch of baseball cards in 1951 in two different colored sets called Red Backs and Blue Backs? The cards were akin to a deck of 52 playing cards and would even simulate baseball events through a card game! Having been in the business since 1951, Topps is the only company licensed to develop cards of MLB players till date. The concept of the card sets changed from 1952 however, with Topps baseball card sets from that year taking on a different form.

Topps baseball card sets in 1952 were much larger than the 1951 model and packaged with the other famous product of the company, bubblegum. It is no wonder that baseball card collecting has been a hobby for generations of Americans, all thanks to the beautiful, unconventional cards produced by Topps!

Vintage Topps Baseball Card Sets that Changed the World of Baseball Cards

The Topps baseball card sets celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2011. Some of the best known vintage card sets produced by Topps changed the world of baseball forever. They are:

The Definitive 1952 Series: This is what started it all for Topps. A large set measuring 2- 3/4” by 3 5/8”, with a pack of 407 cards, each with an oil portrait by renowned artist Gerry Dvorak and a blurb about each player on the front. Apart from this, each player has his vital stats and other information like playing record, team name, etc., listed.

The 1965 Topps Wax Pack: Topps baseball card sets of 1965 in mint condition are valued at $4,000! The reason why these cards sell for as much is that this set comprises of rookie cards of future stars of the period. The big names in these sets are Steve Carlton, Mickey Mantle, Pete Rose and Ernie Banks, among others.

The Colorful 1975 Topps: While most other cards were toning down the colors for this period, Topps embraced color, and how. The cards had one-of-a-kind multi colored borders and included players in colorful baseball outfits! The brightest and most colorful Topps baseball card sets till date; this series consisted of 660 standard size baseball cards. The cards that are most valued include the #223 Robin Yount RC, #228 George Brett RC, and rookies of Gary Carter, Keith Hernandez, Fred Lynn and Jim Rice.

1956 Topps Baseball Card Sets: One of the most desired Topps baseball card sets of all times, the 1956 Topps is perhaps the last of the vintage Topps series. With 340 numbered cards, including 2 unnumbered checklists and an official designation of R414-11, this series is the first with all the greatest players and the last of the large cards. It also was the last of the cards that featured portraits, action shots and such. It comprised of error cards of #15 Ernie Banks and #66 Bob Speake in double print, apart from greats like Business Name.

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