Working with or Around Forklifts Increases Risk

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Law and legal

A Utah man sustained serious injury while at work last month when his head was pinned between the leg of a forklift and a truck. Just this week, a Virginia worker was killed in an accident involving a forklift at the Rubbermaid plant where he had worked for seven years. And, here in Georgia, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported recently on a port worker who was killed in Savannah when struck by a forklift near a bulk carrier that had arrived at the Georgia Ports’ Ocean Terminal in Savannah from Wilmington, North Carolina. Forklifts are extremely dangerous in the work environment and greatly increase the risk of injury, and workers who have been injured on the job by a forklift or any other means should consult with a work injury lawyer in Atlanta to ensure access to all available benefits and compensation.

According to The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are roughly 85 forklift-related deaths in the work place each year. In addition, OSHA reports approximately 34,900 serious injuries and another 61,800 non-serious injuries that workers experience on the job. Given the number of forklifts that are out in the work force, OSHA’s figures mean that about one in every 11 forklifts will be involved in an injury or a fatality in any given year. In addition to these statistics, OSHA has also determined that almost any forklift-related work injury could have been avoided or the severity lessened with better safety training.

Knowing that a serious work injury that you have sustained from a forklift incident could have been prevented is little consolation when you are injured and suffering. What can make matters even worse is if your claim for benefits has somehow been denied by your employer or by your employer’s insurance company. If you have suffered such a work injury from a forklift or any other workplace accident, you have a right to benefits. One of the ways to ensure that those rights are upheld and that you get the compensation you deserve is by contacting a work injury lawyer in Atlanta area who has experience with cases much like your own

A work injury lawyer in Atlanta can help you to get the benefits that you need to heal and recover from your injuries, as well as to receive the compensation that you and your family are depending on while you are out of work. Regardless of whether or not your case has to go to trial or a settlement is reached before that point, you can rest assured that your work injury lawyer will do everything possible to build your case and to get you everything that you deserve as a result of your injury. Do not be intimidated into accepting less than what you are due. Contact a work injury lawyer in Atlanta today for the help that you need with your work injury claim.

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