Why You Should Never Ignore a Prophecy

Many of us are reluctant to believe in prophecies. We believe that there is no solid proof, and therefore it is nothing but useless information. This is not the case however. Over 30% of the bible is made up from prophecies, and every single one that has happened, has been true to a remarkable extent. Some of us don’t believe in prophecies because we have been led by false prophets. For example, one prophet may tell you that you will get married, have 4 children and live in a large house. Circumstances can prevent this from happening, and if your prophecy doesn’t come true, you may feel as though you have been deceived by God. This is not the case however, as false prophets do not operate under the word of God, but simply by the finances you place into their hand.

Why It’s Important That You Listen To Your Prophecy

Christ foretold the downfall of Jerusalem with outstanding clarity. There were a few however who chose to ignore his warning, thinking he was simply a spectrum of entertainment for the group. Those who did not heed his warning perished, even though they had the chance to be saved. It can be hard to tell false prophets apart from true prophets, but even Jesus predicted this. He told his people signs of his coming and the end of the world, so that they could distinguish the false prophets with ease by simply rejecting those who went against his word.

Getting Your Own Prophecy

The bible states prophecies that apply to the entire world. But sometimes it helps to have a prophecy which is specifically for you, from God. Many prophets perform this service, meeting the requests of Gods followers by speaking to him personally and delivering advice based upon their personal circumstances. Unlike historic events, you won’t meet a destructive end if you don’t follow his guidance. You may however cross over onto the path of sin, conversing with false prophets and associating with people who do not relate to your level of faith. Whenever you request a free word of prophecy, you should always make sure that you take Gods message seriously, as he is all seeing, all hearing and all believing. Your future is yours to deicide, but God has a plan for everyone so that they can join him at Heavens gates.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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