Why You Need Private Jet Cards

At the mere mention of a private jet, your mind starts working overtime. You think in terms of expensive, expensive, and expensive. Private jets are associated with a class of people whose levels of income are far beyond the reach of many. Good examples are company presidents and affluent business moguls. Well, you too can hire a private jet through private jet cards Miami FL.

One of the advantages of private jet hire is convenience. You do not have to wait in long queues or get into an aircraft with narrow rows and less room. Private jet cards can help you secure a seat at vantage points. In addition, there is entertainment and you can travel straight to a destination without having to go through layovers. These cards let you purchase a set number of flight hours. In other words, you pay as you go in the same way phone cards operate.

Here are other benefits of using private jet cards.

1. There are no aircraft transfers. Such inconveniences eat into flight time. This makes it impossible to make direct flights especially when you have to attend an urgent business meeting. It also eliminates chances of lost luggage or mishandling. Thus, you are assured of a stress free flight that saves you time.

2. When travelling in a commercial airline, you might find yourself having to wait for your turn at the restrooms. On the other hand, airline food might not be to your liking. Private jet cards allow you to charter a jet and enjoy the comforts that come with it.

3. With private jet cards Miami FL, you will only be charged for the hours you have flown. A private jet has greater access to airports than a commercial plane. This is advantageous in cases where you have an abrupt trip to make. You can make a reservation several hours prior to departure.

4. Private jet cards are sold in denominations of 12.5 to 100 and beyond hours. The higher the number of hours the more discounts you will enjoy. You will need to carry out some research on different companies offering the service. The cost varies depending on a company and the type of jet in use. The charges are inclusive of taxes and fuel.

5. Jet hire has another advantage, that of availability. Commercial plane flights are controlled by tight airline schedules. Some routes are heavily booked meaning that chances of losing out are high. You have to schedule your trip in advance. On the contrary, a private jet is available on short notice.

6. Clients have a choice. Depending on the card you are holding, you have the choice of selecting the type of aircraft you would like to use whether new or old.

Private Jet Cards Miami FL – Private jet cards have expiry dates. This is another factor you need to take into consideration. Find out which company has the ones with longer periods. Visit Magellanjets.com for more information.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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