Why You Need Document Shredding

Document shredding plays a crucial role in protecting sensitive data and ensuring confidential information remains safe. There are many files created daily whose contents are highly secretive. Should such information get into the wrong hands, a company’s operations may be put in jeopardy. Employee data such as payroll or medical files may lead to disquiet if leaked. These records should be destroyed once their usefulness has been exhausted.

There are unscrupulous people out there whose work is to dig out information on your business. They will rummage through piles of garbage and any information found is used to malign your activities. Others use the data collected to impersonate your staff or agents. They then go on to defraud you. A company could end up losing millions of dollars in the process. To curb this menace, seek the assistance of document shredding Philadelphia, PA contractors.

Below are four reasons as to why document shredding is necessary.

1. Compliance with legal requirements: Every individual has a right to the protection of his/her private information. We have laws in place that mete stiff penalties to individuals or corporate firms that mishandle documents containing sensitive content. Employers are entrusted with staff data. They have to protect it lest legal suits are brought up against them. In this case, document shredding will be applied to get rid of staff files that are not being used anymore.

2. Environmental protection: Every year, paper manufacturers cut down hundreds of trees. In a bit to protect the world’s forest cover, corporate firms are now adopting paperless documentation processes. Through document shredding Philadelphia, PA firms, shredded paper is taken for recycling. The firms produce recycled paper which greatly reduces the number of trees cut down as there is an alternative raw material for paper manufacture.

3. Preventing theft of people’s identity: With Internet usage improving by the day, cases of criminals stealing other people’s identity are on the increase. Postal delivery boxes with names and addresses are fodder for such criminal elements especially if the contents are not disposed of properly. You never know what they can do with those documents. Forgery, impersonation, manipulation and fraud are just but a few examples.

4. Getting rid of clutter and eliminating a possible fire hazard: When you pile up papers, you create a potential fire hazard. The documents clutter leading to reduced space in the offices where they are kept. There is need to reduce the quantity of such papers on an ongoing basis. Document shredding is an effective way of doing this. It can be incorporated into a records management policy. Shredders can be bought and someone assigned the task. However hiring third party paper shredding services is cheaper in the long run.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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