Why Hire an Emergency Plumber?

Leaks, flooding and sewage backflows are the worst nightmares for a home owner. Flooding can happen if your pipes freeze over in the winter and burst. As the ice thaws, water floods the home and can cause serious damage besides endless misery to the residents. Pipe bursts and flooding can happen in milder temperatures too. There is no need for icy temperatures to cause pipe freezes. A drastic fall in the mercury and bad lagging and insulation can cause pipes to freeze over. If you sense the pipes are burst, shut off the water mains valve and hot water heater and call your emergency plumber right away.

Why do Pipes Burst?

The common reasons why pipes may freeze/burst in a residence are due to some or all of the following reasons:

  1. Pipes made of cast iron are especially prone to damages and breaches
  2. Inferior quality pipes or older pipes get corroded and become predisposed to breaches, clogs and intrusions
  3. Narrower pipes get ruptured more easily
  4. Nearby construction activity or excavation can contribute to cracks in the pipes
  5. Keeping the thermostat in your home at less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit can cause the pipes to freeze over as outside temperatures fall

Pipe bursts result in plumbing emergencies in over a quarter of a million American households every year. To prevent your home from becoming another statistic, winterize it in the Fall by improving the insulation and draining outer pipes of water. Repair any broken windows and seal all vents.

Leaks can occur at other times of the year as well. A sure shot sign that pipes are leaking or your water mains have a leak is a drastic rise in your home water bills. Call in an emergency plumber if you suspect a leak. The plumber will have the necessary equipment for fast detection, diagnosis and repair. Inserting a camera into pipes or sewers allows a technician to detect the location of the leak faster and with less digging and damage.

Running toilets, blocked drains and malfunctioning water faucets are other very common household emergencies when you need to call in your emergency plumber. Your plumber will always tell you that timely maintenance can prevent costly repairs. Always keep home drains clean by using enzymatic biological agents or other eco-friendly solutions to keep drain water flowing. Stubborn obstructions cannot be removed by the homeowner. Professionals use hydrojetting and other techniques to rid the pipe or drain of blockages. If you need to remove stubborn clogs call in an emergency plumber. Riverside residents can find trained professionals in the area for all their plumbing needs.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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