Whiteboard Wall Paint Provides Creativity Without Boundaries

Conventional whiteboards are often heavy, expensive structures that require special care in order to prevent stain. Whiteboard wall paint provides a cheaper alternative that can be used on almost any surface in almost any location you may want to have it, as well as in the size or shape that you prefer. Dry erase whiteboard wall paint allows you to use any surface for ink – to take notes, makes lists, create art, create graphs, leave messages, design calendars…the possibilities are nearly endless!

Any clean, smooth surface will suffice, whether you use it on your kitchen or office wall, a desk or table, doors or even hallways. It can be used at home as a common creative surface and a place to leave messages or at the office for memos, plans, projections, brainstorming sessions, projects or conferences. Using it in the classroom is far easier than old chalk methods and can be used in conjunction with electronic media such as projectors. Whiteboard wall paint is of course not heavy like traditional whiteboards (you don’t have a sixty pound board to hang), which also makes it work in areas where conventional boards would constantly be subject to falling off the wall, such as at home where small family members or pets may brush against it or pull on it, as well as in small offices where space is shared with other furniture. Whiteboard wall paint can be used on refrigerators, cabinets, and is perfect to suit the creative and artistic propensities of children in bedrooms or playrooms.

Wink provides water-based whiteboard wall paints that is environmentally friendly – nothing that you ever need to throw out (you can paint over it), and no materials such as steel, vinyl, resin or other compounds used in traditional whiteboards. Using a whiteboard instead of sticky notes, notepads or other kinds of paper products are also ecological pluses. It’s clear, transparent finish allows the underlying paint color to remain, thereby not completely changing the whole decor of the room. You can write and erase with whiteboard wall paint without fear of staining the canvas. (You don’t have to worry about an actual whiteboard cracking, peeling or becoming yellow either!) Whiteboard wall paint allows you to have a greater surface space that anyone in your family, classroom, or at work can use. No special markers are necessary either; whiteboard wall paint can be used with any standard dry erase marker.

Cheaper than conventional methods, whiteboard wall paint is virtually odorless, non-toxic and easy to apply and install. Wink kits with whiteboard wall paint provides a great low-impact alternative to conventional methods of expressing creativity, organizing and communicating at home, at work and in the classroom as well.

Whiteboard Wall Paint – Walls love Ink provides new possibilities for creativity, organization and communication through whiteboard wall paint kits at home, at work and in the classroom.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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