Where Can You Find The Bible Prophecy News?

It was not Christ’s plan to rule a small portion of Israel or rule from Jerusalem. This is what His disciples wanted. His plan was that the Kingdom would be established when people would be qualified to live in it. In fact, the Bible reveals that the Kingdom would include the whole Earth, not just a portion of Israel. Today, the nations are divided by boundaries. But, when the Kingdom of God is established there will be no boundaries. There will be peace, and just one government will rule the whole Earth. The governments that are established by man will be overthrown, and Lucifer, the Devil will not have power any longer. Ultimately there will be no war, and the continuous turmoil will come to an end.

Many people want to know how to enter this Paradise of God. The answer is not tough. The answer is present in the Bible. The Bible says that men should repent for their sins in order to bring about a change. This change is necessary, since people living in this virtual world is opposite to what God wants. Once people live according to God’s way, they should be baptized, in order to receive the Holy Spirit, which forms the Holy Trinity. But, people are not aware where to begin their search from. They can start repenting by following God’s way. They can also follow the instructions that are provided in the Ten Commandments. However, it is not easy to follow the instructions in the world we live in. This is what God expects from His people. He wants people to follow the instructions so that they qualify to enter into the Holy City that is the New Jerusalem. These people will have the sole right to the tree of life. People can prepare for the coming of God by living according to the principles.

Though, people are aware of the instructions of God they do not have access to Bible prophecy news. They want to find a website that can provide a comprehensive understanding about the Kingdom of God. Most people want to visit a website that can relate prophecies with recent news. The prophecies can be related with recent events where suicide rates are on the rise; people are under the threat of the Third World War. Additionally, unemployment, and rise of tyrants are an indication of the coming of God to allow peace to prevail on Earth. You can trust a website that discusses the news of the world, Prophesy, and the Kingdom of God. They also broadcast radio programs to discuss the Prophesy.

If you want to know the news about Bible prophecy,You can visit the website of World Watch Today for additional information.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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