When You Need Garage Door Repair in Novi MI

With winter fast approaching you want to be sure your home is not in need of garage door repair in Novi MI. Everyone knows that winters in Oakland County Michigan can be extremely unpredictable. While 2012’s first quarter temperatures weren’t so terribly bad for as far north as Michigan’s located, it was the late fall months of 2011 that brought the most frigid of temperatures, only in Michigan would an October be colder than a month like February. While Michigan weather in Novi is difficult to predict on a daily basis, one thing you can count on is that sooner or later the frigid wind and snow will come, it’s just a matter of when.

Like many things with moving parts, garage doors are no fun to fix in the peak of the cold season. While it’s never a good time to need garage door repair in Novi MI, during the worst of the winter is no time to be manually opening and closing your garage door. So whether you have a barn door style garage door that pulls open , or one with a roll back top, all of them have hinges and locks, and no matter how many moving parts they have sooner or later all parts require maintenance. You definitely want to inspect your garage door and see if you can’t foresee any potential mid-winter problems and address them now.

Another potential source of needing garage door repair in Novi MI is the actual door itself. Most of the weight in these automated garage door systems is the heavy door. Tension bars and springs are in use whenever a garage door is opened or closed, whether this process is electronic or not. Any type of metal part is subject to fatigue with repeated use, this can equally apply to the parts that make up your garage door system. If metal becomes too fatigued and should develop a crack, or just one day without warning break you could have a potentially dangerous situation. With one break, crack or failing of metal fatigue you could have well over 100 pounds of door come crashing down in an instant around you. Should this occur the built in reverse built safety of an electronic door can also fail. In this event the loud crashing sound you hope will not be accompanied by any personal injury or accident. It’s for this basic safety reason that you should consider inspecting you’re working apparatus to see if indeed you are in need of garage door repair in Novi MI.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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