What Factors Should You Remember When Seeking Child Custody

When parents go their separate ways after a divorce, one of the most stressful aspects is a child custody battle. But you can make things smoother for your partner and your child by knowing a few basics. If you plan to seek custody of your child, here are several oft-asked questions and their answers.

Does a child custody battle happen only at the time of the divorce?

The first fight for custody of the child does happen at the time of the divorce, but as the child grows, there could be fresh evaluations. Law recognizes the changing needs of the child and of the parents, and changing circumstances, as sufficient for re-evaluating custody. The changes could relate to a parent shifting to a different location, marrying again, or getting a job that pays higher.

Who are the different people with rights in a battle for custody?

The mother usually gets custody, except in circumstances when the court determines that she is not in a position to look after the child. How much influence the child has is usually determined by their age. If the child is old enough to speak up and declare which parent they want to stay with, their word holds sufficient weight in a court. Ultimately though, the court’s word is final.

What sort of legal expertise should you look for when fighting a child custody battle?

Look for someone who has enough experience in handling child custody cases. A person who specializes in family law is in a good position to handle your case. Family law is a complex area which involves everything from legal separations to property divisions, to divorces. When the person has enough expertise in family law, they are suited to handling child custody, one of the messiest areas in family law.

If you are wondering how to go about initiating custody proceedings, or whether it is a good idea to contest, get a consultation with a good family lawyer. Some lawyers also offer an initial consultation without any charge. You can opt for the benefit of their advice for a first meeting, and then decide whether you want to fight for custody.

In cases you are looking for a lawyer to help you with child custody, San Bernardino residents ask you to opt for one with experience and expertise in legal matters. It is also a good idea to find a lawyer whose core area of practice is family law.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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