What are the Key Components of HRIS Software?

Human resource management systems are an integral function of any business organisation aiming for cost and time-efficiency while managing business processes, human resource and data. Introducing a feature-rich HRIS software can help HR professionals. HRIS or human resource information systems contain specific components that streamline key HR operations effectively. What are these components of leading HRIS applications? Read on to get an insight.

  • Time and Labour Management – Managing time and labour take a lot of time in a conventional HR department setup. An HRIS application can effectively reduce this burden as labour and time data can be inputted by employees themselves. This lets HR professionals track attendance and punctuality with greater ease.
  • Recruitment and Retention – Hiring employees and retaining them can be demanding tasks at times. To reduce the complexity and time involved, one can rely on the recruitment and retention components of well-known HRIS software applications. It significantly streamlines acquisition, engagement, and retention.
  • Benefits – HRIS applications let employees efficiently structure benefits settings and maintain them with minimum hassle. These include medical benefits, deductions for retirements and other applicable benefits. This is one of the main reasons why many businessowners are now relying on HRIS.
  • Payroll Function – One of the most integral components of an HRIS application is its payroll function. It enables HR professionals to effortlessly calculate hours, process cheques and deposits. HRIS is a sure-shot way of minimising the chance of any major error.
  • Database – The database component is quite useful for storing and accessing employee data. All essential workforce data can easily be inputted, securely stored and accessed whenever necessary. This includes information, such as emergency contact information, compensation-related data and performance reviews.

Most market-leading HRIS software applications have these components along with several other features. Choose the right one to stay on top of your organisation’s HR management requirements. Click here for more details.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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