What are some common septic system problems?

Septic systems maintenance in Anne Arundel County MD is an issue that should not be overlooked. Although your system may be working well now, without proper maintenance that may not last for long, problems can occur. The most common problems that are encountered are foul odors emanating from the area, clogs and water contamination. There are many issues that are unpleasant, septic tank problems are amongst the worst, not only are they unpleasant, they can be very expensive to repair. It is essential that those homes that use a septic tank understand the causes of these problems to ensure the correct care and maintenance of the system.

One of the key elements that lead to problems is excessive use and another issue is not having the tank pumped often enough. A septic tank must be vented through the roof thus insuring that the pressure in the system is equalized, if the vents become clogged or covered up, one can expect the release of foul odors.

When the septic tank contains excessive water this can contribute to pushing solid matter into the leach field, this can result in clogged pipes which can quickly lead to an environmental problem. The septic system can actually stop working altogether if it contains too much water. Just as too much water is a problem, so is too little. When the system contains too little water the bacteria in the tank may die, bacteria are a necessity to neutralize the nitrogen in the tank. Too much nitrogen can rapidly cause contamination in ground water.

Another common event that will demand septic systems maintenance in Anne Arundel County MD is when improper items are disposed of through the system. Items that are not biodegradable should never be flushed into the septic tank; plastics are especially bad as it is virtually impossible for them to be broken down; hence they will cause a clog in the system.

Chemicals such as solvents, paint thinner, paint and some pesticides can destroy a septic system, requiring that a completely new tank be installed or a major renovation undertaken.

If a septic system begins to emit foul odors it is a sign that there is a problem somewhere that may mean the tank needs pumping. It could also mean clogged vents or a failed overflow system.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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