Ways To Ensure A More Peaceful San Bernardino Custody Case

If you’re involved in a divorce case, you know as well as anyone how quickly seemingly minor issues can become major points of contention. The decision to dissolve a marriage is never an easy one, and it becomes even more complex if there is the custody and well-being of children to consider. In most divorce cases, both parents genuinely want what is best for the children and are not interested in a protracted legal battle just to punish the other party. While it is natural that a certain level of bitterness, negativity, and resentment may creep into the way the parties relate to one another, none of those personal issues should affect the future stability and security of the children. For that reason, San Bernardino Custody disputes should resemble peaceful compromises and not all-out war zones.

Even if parents don’t necessarily agree on issues having to do with custody, visitation, and child support, many times, the possibility of compromise clearly exists. While some people are able to hammer out details and work through conflicts with the help of both attorneys being present, others benefit from engaging in mediation, where an objective third-party is able to help find common ground. Since everyone can agree that the key concern in a San Bernardino Custody case is what is in the best interest of the minor child or children, there is automatically a good starting point.

Of course, in cases where both parents want custody of the minors, are equally qualified to care for them, and cannot agree to the idea of joint custody, there’s no choice but to take the legal route. Choosing to go before a judge is the path that takes the longest, but provides the most clear-cut solution to difficult custody cases. If the children are old enough, they may be asked which parent they’d choose as their primary caregiver, creating a hostile and difficult situation. If there are extenuating circumstances, such as one parent wishing to move out of state, the court may order that this is not possible. There are a lot of risks to letting a judge decide a family’s future, but in some cases, it is truly the only resolution.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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