Ways To Avoid Door Knob Germs

Harmful bacteria and germs are everywhere you go. In this day and age you cannot avoid going to public places where you are at risk for bacteria contamination. Door knob germs are one of the most common ways you can become infected and spread harmful bacteria. A lot of people are constantly in and out of doors daily, whether it’s at the office, grocery store, school or even in your own home, you really can’t avoid door handles.

Some common bacteria that are largely spread from door knob germs are the common cold and flu. When you have the common cold or flu you are typically always doing things like wiping your nose, coughing, or even sneezing. If you do not wash your hands after you wipe your nose, cough or sneeze, your hands can be carrying the same harmful bacteria that made you ill. When you touch objects, such as door knobs, without washing your hands, you are most likely to transfer those germs making it easy for others who use that door to become infected. The best way to prevent the spreading of germs is to wash your hands frequently while you are ill.

A great way to avoid becoming ill from harmful bacteria picked up from door knobs is by washing your hands often. For example, if you use the public restroom at work or school you should wash your hands in warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds to kill any bacteria that you may have picked up in the restroom. Also, if you can avoid touching the restroom door handle on the way out, that would be ideal for keeping your hands from becoming contaminated again.

Washing your hands when you come home from public places, such as the grocery store, work, or school, you can help keep harmful bacteria that cause illness out of your home, which can help you and your family stay healthy. Also, another tip for keeping harmful germs out of your home is to sanitize items that are touched often such as door knobs, kitchen sinks, and toilet handles.

Door knob germs can be very dangerous to the health of you and your family. Washing your hands regularly and keeping your home door knobs sanitized can help you avoid spreading these harmful germs to those around you, and also help you and your family stay healthy.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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