Variety of Floor Lamp Options

Did you know that a basic floor lamp model can cost $50, while the more stylist counterparts can be as costly as $1000? In fact, some of the art deco or tiffany models range between 1000 USD to one million USD! Therefore, if you plan to invest in one of these products, it is always recommended that you go through the most popular options available in the market before taking your pick.

Huge Variety of Floor Lamp Options

Some common types of floor lamps, ranging from traditional to modern lamps, are listed here:

  1. Torcherie

Despite being the most popular type of floor lamp, very few people recognize them as a Torcherie. A general lamp with a big luminous head and pole-like neck is the easiest way to identify them. They provide adequate light due to their design, while the open head directs light to the roof, dispersion from sides and bottom areas make them fit for everyday use. People can also add dimmers to add an aesthetic appeal to these lights. Prior to purchase, one needs to make sure that the neck is strong enough to support the weight of the head.

  1. Club lamps

Comprising a base, a stick or pole and a shade, club lamps are the second most popular type of lamps which facilitate general lighting needs. They are generally bolted, which make them a fairly permanent installation. However, depending on the power consumption, they can have 3-way socket or a twin pull ā€œSā€ socket. Another type of the club lamp has adjustable height too, with a glass tray inserted at table height level. This tray can be used for storing stuff or displaying showpieces that make the lamp serve decorative purposes as well.

  1. Six way lamps

As the name suggests, a six way lamp can emit light in six different directions. This is possible due to light sources that are pointed in six different directions around the body of the lamp. The head of a six way floor lamp is very big and is generally placed at a height in order to facilitate illumination of large rooms. All the bulbs might not operate simultaneously; some floor lamps have the option to power up alternate bulbs when less light is required.

  1. Tower lamp

These are generally single pieces lamps that have multiple lights placed around its body. Due to their structure, these lamps are visually appealing even when they are not powered up. They resemble a sculpture diffusing light through its translucent body. The shade covers the entire lamp and has some natural scene painted on it. The most famous tower floor lamp would is the Asian style lanterns that can even be used as a focal point in any room.

Other forms of lamps would include down bridge lamps that focus light on to a particular area and arc lamps that are used to highlight modular furnishings.

The benefits of a huge variety of floor lamps can also be reaped if a vendor has a huge inventory. Lamps USA is one such well stocked and prominent online vendors.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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