Using your Faith to Improve your Family Life

Being a spouse and a parent can put many demands on you. You may feel you are being pulled in many different directions and find it hard to find balance and most of all patience. Faith in God can help provide you with guidance and help you become a better spouse and parent.


When you find yourself losing patience your faith can give you the strength to count to ten and replace your frustration with a smile. This is important to allow both your spouse and your children to see your love. It will also allow you to find time to embrace God’s love and use it to strengthen your relationship. Master Prophet E Bernard Jordan knows that God can provide you with the patience you need starting with a quick prayer such as “God give me patience” to overcome your frustration and that urge to scream.


You can also use God’s love and your faith to be more understanding with your spouse and children. It is tempting to want to point out people’s weaknesses especially if they are sloppy, or slow moving or lacking motivation. God can show you how to focus on the positive aspects in those you love and use understanding to teach your children how to improve them selves. Positive reinforcement when they do well will encourage them to always want to do well. The same can be said for your spouse. By praising them more and nagging them less they will feel your love and respond with love. You will soon find your home is happier and more productive with everyone wanting to share and help each other.


Being more compassionate towards loved ones will also help you live a better family life. When someone seems sad and is acting out instead of getting angry use your faith to dig deeper and try to find out why they are feeling this way. Reach out a hand to them as God reaches out to you and offer gentleness and assistance instead of anger and impatience. You will find your family reacts far more positively and is able to overcome their struggles when they have your love and strength to guide them just as you use God’s love and strength as your guide.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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