Using Stump Grinding in Peachtree City GA To Improve A Yard’s Appearance

If someone purchases a home that has several stumps left behind from previous owners, they will most likely want to take the necessary steps in removing them from their property. Keeping stumps in a yard could be hazardous to those walking through the area in addition to making the landscaping less than pleasing.

Here are some ideas one can use to remove stumps in their entirety.

Burn Stumps Over Several Weeks

Stumps can be burned if the homeowner is not concerned about the amount of time it takes to conduct this process. First, they should drill several holes in the top of each stump. These can be filled with gasoline or kerosene. This should be done when there is no precipitation in the forecast for several days so the liquid saturates throughout the wood. After a week, the stumps can be set on fire. The wood will burn rather quickly and will be able to be dug from the ground after the fire goes out.

Try Chemicals To Disintegrate Stumps

One can try using chemicals made especially for stump disintegration to remove stumps. Again, the process involves drilling holes in the stumps. The solution can be purchased from a landscaping department of a home goods store. It will take several weeks for the chemicals to soften the wood. It will be able to be removed from the ground with a shovel, however, saving the homeowner from needing to lift heavy pieces of wood.

Use A Stump Grinder To Pulverize Stumps

A stump grinder can be used to chop up stumps into small pieces. This piece of equipment can be rented or a tree company can be hired to do stump grinding in Peachtree City GA. This process is relatively quick and will remove the unsightly wood pieces effectively.

If someone is interested in finding out more about stump grinding, they can call a tree service for more information.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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