Understanding the Basics of Commercial Roof Replacement in Loveland CO

Commercial building owners facing roof repair and replacement issues rarely understand the many options that are now available. Built-up, or BUR, roofing is still the most common type of flat roofing in the region, but there are other choices building owners should consider when updating. The first step is to discuss the various strategies for commercial roof replacement with a local contractor.

Is BUR Going Away?

The short answer is no, BUR and related modified bitumen, or mod bit, systems remain practical for many applications. Roofing experts expect those systems to remain economically viable shortly, but caution building owners that those systems require frequent maintenance. That means a lower initial cost, while attractive, may be offset by increased maintenance costs over the life of the roof.

Single-Ply Membranes are Increasingly Common

Over the past few decades, a variety of single-ply roofing systems have claimed an increasing percentage of the roofing market. These systems are relatively simple to install and generally provide a long service life. The nature of single-ply roofing suggests building owners will see faster installations and reduced maintenance when the systems are employed.

Explore Improved Insulation and Vapor Barriers

Regardless of the system selected, building owners are encouraged to upgrade their building insulation and vapor barriers as part of the re-roofing process. Reducing a building’s operating costs is always important, and adding insulation is certainly one way to accomplish that objective. Vapor barriers also protect structural components and reduce the likelihood of condensation forming. Discussing the options before commercial roof replacement in Loveland CO is strongly recommended.

Discuss Maintenance Needs When Deciding on New Roofing Materials

Proper maintenance of a roof is always an issue, and discussing a specific roofing material’s maintenance needs before making a selection is always important. Maintenance plays a significant role in maintaining the serviceability of a roof, and roofing professionals always recommend setting up a maintenance plan when the new roof is installed. While the maintenance needs of a new roof will be minimal, it always pays to stay ahead of potential repair issues.

If you’re considering a new roof for a commercial structure, now is a good time to discuss the various options with a roofing expert.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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