Understanding Numerology in Your Life

Since 600 BC, people have been using numerology to gain more insight into their lives. What is numerology? It is essentially the use of mathematics and numbers in order to understand a higher power, like God, and to see where your life is meant to be. Many people have described numerology and mathematics as a “gateway to the Gods” in ancient Greece, because it had so much significance in their lives. Over time, values and meaning were assigned to different numbers and these numbers begin to take on a higher meaning. By using these meanings, people are able to decipher what the future may hold. You can even do this today with free numerology readings.

Knowing the Meaning of the Numbers

When you choose to get free numerology readings, you will find that the numbers one through nine are given meaning and numbers with double digits, like 11, 22, 33, etc. are known as master numbers and have interpretations that are different. Numerology isn’t simply about looking at a number and assigning a meaning, however. There are actual mathematical calculations that may need to be done, understanding how things like theology work and of course, believing in the divine wisdom of God. Remember, these practices were alive and well in biblical times too.

Sequences and Meaning Come Together

When you have a set of numbers, they will form a sequence and this is what a numerologist will look at. The meanings that these numbers hold will be unique to the situation of the person getting the reading. It is important that the recipient understands this as they will need to do some interpretation for themselves, as well. Numerology can be a great way to assist those who are looking for guidance and can additionally help those who are curious about what the future may hold for them.

If you are interested in a numerology reading, make sure that you are going to a trusted source. For instance, you will certainly want to research the individual numerologist you are working with as you cannot trust just anyone. Some people may understand the practice of numerology, for instance, but without allowing the divine into them, they will be unable to effectively give you the messages you need to receive.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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