Types Of Workers Compensation In Manahawkin

You are entitled to workers compensation in Manahawkin if you suffer a job related injury. Worker’s compensation is also called workman’s comp and is a state-mandated insurance program. This program differs from state to state and federal employees have a separate federal program. Irrespective of the responsibility of fault, if an employee suffers a work related injury, he or she is entitled for compensation. This entitlement might also mean that the employee is waiving his/ her right to sue the employer for damages.

Workers Compensation In Manahawkin For Medical Care

Workers compensation includes medical benefits, the expenses incurred with hospital care and other medical treatments that are required to diagnose and treat the injury or illness. The specific details of what is covered can vary from state to state but in general medication, doctor’s visits and surgery is covered. It also includes the cost of any special equipment, like, wheelchairs.

If you are a candidate for workers compensation, check with your attorney to get the details of the coverage offered in your state as in certain cases services like counseling, pain management and acupuncture are covered as well. You will also need to get the clarification on who gets to choose the health care provider.

Workers Compensation In Manahawkin For Rehabilitation

Workers comp covers rehabilitation benefits as well and pays for physical therapy and medical care that is deemed necessary to recover from the work related injury or illness. Training sessions are covered as well to help you to regain the skills and return to work.

If you are not able to return to your former job work due to the injury or illness, check with you attorney if rehabilitation benefits will pay for evaluation, retraining or getting the required qualification for a different job.

Workers Compensation In Manahawkin For Disability

Disability benefits provide compensation for the wages lost while you were recovering from the injury or illness. Some states have a cap on the amount that can be given for disability benefits. Usually income tax is not required to be paid on these benefits.

There are four main categories of disability benefits:

  1. Temporary total disability prevents you from working for a limited amount of time. This is the most common category used for workers compensation disability.
  2. Temporary partial disability prevents you from doing a part of the duties for a certain period.
  3. Permanent total disability prevents you from returning to work.
  4. Permanent partial disability is when the damage is permanent, but the ability to work is impacted partially.

In the case of death, most states provide death benefits to the family of the deceased if they were financially dependent upon him/ her. Mostly it is a percentage of the earnings. Some states do not provide these benefits to a partner or to step children. Check with your attorney to get state specific details and your entitlement.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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