Types Of Drains and Drain Cleaning In Minneapolis

All drains develop at some point a clog and require drain cleaning in Minneapolis. The better you understand the drain types and the clogs that can occur, the faster you can find the drain cleaning solution, whether it is to call a professional or to take care of it yourself. This article provides more details on the different drains that we normally have around the house and the clogs that it can develop.

Drain Cleaning In Minneapolis For Bathroom Drains

Bathroom drains whether they are the sink drains or shower and tub drains are most vulnerable to get clogged by hair, other personal use items like tooth paste and of course grime that gets deposited over many years.

Drain cleaners or a plunger can open up the sink drain but if the clog is due to a stuck foreign object, you will need to open the P-trap. P-Trap is a U shaped trap under the sink that can be removed by hand or by using a wrench. Make sure to put a bucket under the trap as you open to catch the water. If the clog is not flushed out after removal of the P-trap, it is probably further down in the line. You will need to get professional help for drain cleaning in Minneapolis.

Apart from the hair clog, shower and tub drains can also get clogged by the soap build up. If you notice standing water in the tub as you take a shower that indicates a slow moving or clogged drain. If removing hair from the drain doesn’t solve the clog, call a technician.

Toilet drains can get clogged due to overuse of the toilet paper. Toilet drain cleaning usually requires a snake to unclog the drain.

Drain Cleaning In Minneapolis For Kitchen And Floor

Kitchen drains get clogged with buildup of grease and food debris over time. Kitchen plumbing job usually requires a sink machine that can remove the debris by cutting through the clog. Regular cleaning of the kitchen drains will ensure that the drains don’t get clogged because of the debris buildup.

Floor drains are usually found in the basements, garages and laundry rooms. They can also be in the patios or driveways or sometimes in bathrooms with older plumbing. The trap in these drains needs to be filled with water that allows odor prevention. Make sure to test these drains for any clogs as these drains carry water away from the house to prevent flooding.

Drain Cleaning In Minneapolis For Main Sewer Lines

Main sewer line clogs are the most problematic of all as all drains from the house end at the main sewer line. Any clog in the main sewer line will result in the other kitchen and toilet drains backing up in the house. If the main line clogs, treat it as a plumbing emergency and call a professional plumber immediately.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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