Trust Denver Windshield Repair for Those Nagging Problems

Before you dump that cracked windshield, hold your breath for a moment and consider this; between 50-75% of the windshields that get replaced end up in landfills. Unfortunately, programs for recycling windshields are not available in every state. Actually, most states in the U.S. do not handle such. However, that is not the point. The fact is, had all these car owners opted for windshield repair, none of these would have ended up as waste. The following is a look at the process of repairing damage to windshields:

* Damage that needs repair: As a rule of thumb, you should consult a Denver windshield repair vendor when you notice a chip with a diameter of an inch. Star cracks are another red flag so long as they have 2 arms or less. The diameter should be half an inch or less. However, even cracks bigger than this can be professionally repaired so long as you act fast enough.

* Time frame: Whenever you notice these cracks, you should take your car for repairs immediately. Otherwise, the cracks will become bigger. At this point, the windshield repair cannot be done. Instead, you will have to replace it entirely. You should not go beyond one month from the time you notice a cracked windshield. As the vehicle moves, vibrations from the engine and air friction worsen these cracks.

* The repair process: Denver windshield repair process relies on sunlight or ultraviolet lamps. This is necessary in order to facilitate curing of the adhesive. The repair technician cleans the windshield especially inside the cracks. He removes loose glass pieces with a sharp knife or razor blade. The area is then allowed to dry. Repair work is done using commercially available repair kits. You can buy one but unless you follow the instructions to the letter, you will not achieve satisfactory results.

* Syringing: This is still part of the repair work. It involves pulling and pressing the plunger until the adhesive fills the crack. There should be no air bubbles within the cracks otherwise the adhesive will not hold. Under expert windshield repair hands, the cracks should be filled up in a way that you cannot recognize them unless you get too close. Once this is done, the vehicle is taken to a drying area where the adhesive can dry up.

* Completing the work: Once the task is done, the adhesive forms a film that covers the entire area that had cracks. If professionally done, and allowed to cure, your windshield will appear flawless. By going for such repair work, you kill two birds with one stone. One, your windshield will serve you for a longer period and secondly you will experience a better vision of the road when driving.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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