Tonneau Covers: You Can Roll, Fold, or Tilt Them

by | Jul 31, 2020 | Business

In the United States market for vehicles, a popular choice is full sized trucks, which offer a lot of portability and utility to the people who own them. Newer models of trucks today offer quite a bit of interior, better ability for hauling, excellent comfort, and a better capacity for towing. Over the years, manufacturers have really improved how trucks are made. However, there are still problems that truck owners face during ownership. One is the high costs of fuel, and the other is a lack of security in the bed of the truck. When it comes to a Tonneau cover in Binghamton, NY there have been many improvements, as well.

What is It?

A Tonneau cover in Binghamton NY is just what it sounds like. It is a cover for the bed of the truck. There are several different manufacturers of these products. Two of the top choices are Pace Edwards and TruXedo. These covers come available in two types: hard and soft. The hard covers are made from materials such as aluminum or fiberglass. The covers that are made from aluminum and come with hinges. It is a removable cover that is foldable, and it is very light. It gives the owner the opportunity to be able to access a large section of the bed of the truck for use.

Benefits of Tonneau Covers

With a Tonneau cover in Binghamton, NY on the bed of your truck you can carry your cargo securely and it will provide extra security for the items you have in the truck bed. The covers that are made from fiberglass are normally bolted down in the bed of the truck. For access, you have to tilt the cover up so that the owner can have access to the bed of the truck. These types of covers cut down on the vertical space. In other words, the hauling capacity is limited, and they are not easily removed. A fiberglass cover has added security with the keyed locks, and they are more sturdily built. You can also purchase a soft cover. These come in a retractable or a roll up cover. These soft covers are reinforced, and when they are folded back you can use Velcro to tie them back. No matter which version that you go with, you will notice a profitable gain in your fuel economy. Trucks carry many different properties that are aerodynamic, with the cover on the bed of the truck there will not be any drag resistance from the wind.

J & R Upholstery custom make each tonneau cover that retain the characteristic profile of pickup trucks in Binghamton, NY.

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