Tips for Routine AC Repair in Phoenix

Whether you have a home, office or small building to cool down, it’s important for people to understand easy AC repair in Phoenix in order to keep their units functioning properly and safe. Just like any other mechanical part, proper routine maintenance is critical to maintain successful operation. It also can help to significantly reduce expensive replacement and having to hire a certified company for AC repair in Phoenix to replace your unit.

Here are a few simple things you can do to ensure your AC units keep running smooth and cool during those hot summer months.

  • First and foremost; Safety is paramount when you work on any electrical unit, so if you have to work on your AC unit, make sure to unplug the unit from your power supply. Electrical shock kills more people at home each year due to simple negligence. So, be safe and unplug your unit first.
  • Have your cooling system serviced once per year. Each AC unit has different requirements for repair and service and it’s very important that you follow these guidelines every year. It also is critical to follow these guidelines especially if you have any warranty protection on your AC units.
  • Make sure to clean your unit and replace filters when it is recommended by each individual manufacture. A good rule of thumb is to clean your ac unit twice per month during the busy and hot summer months when you use your air conditioning unit often. You also should clean your filters (if possible) during this simple maintenance period.
  • Keep your AC unit clear of debris and as dust free as possible. This is a very simple thing any home owner can do, no matter where your AC unit is located. When you have clutter, especially loose items which can easily fall into the unit or be sucked into the filtration system it can significantly reduce the AC Unit effectiveness. This can also lead to expensive AC repair in Phoenix. So be cautious and keep ‘stuff’ away you’re your AC Unit.
  • One thing never to do is operate your AC Unit from an extension cord. Many of these units require a lot of power in order to run correctly and if not properly supplied with this electricity can and often do lead to overheating of the unit. This can eventually lead to the total destruction of the unit and can even lead to fire in extreme cases.
  • When you are not using it, make sure to store your AC Unit in a cool, clean and dry location. A basement or attic is much better for storage than a garage due to the possibility of moisture entering these areas. Also, basements and attics often maintain a constant temp.
  • Another simple tip is to turn your AC unit on and off frequently. If you turn your AC Unit off, wait at least 10 minutes before turning it on again. The reason for this is that the compressor unit in your AC unit needs to equalize the pressure prior to starting it up again. Failure to do this can lead to undo stress of the unit and eventually damage the AC unit beyond repair.
  • If you turn the air conditioner off while the compressor is running, do not turn your air conditioner on right away. Wait at least ten minutes before restarting the unit. It is important to let the pressure in the compressor equalize in the unit before restarting it.

Reducing the chance of AC repair in Phoenix is easy when you stick to maintaining a routine maintenance schedule.

When you stick to a routine maintenance schedule, you can reduce your need for AC repair Phoenix. However, if your AC unit is on the fritz, call the team from Worlock AC & Heating Specialist at website to professionally and affordably repair your AC unit.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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