Tips for Maintaining Your Meteorite Jewelry to Keep It Looking Shiny

More and more people are now choosing to add meteorite jewelry to their collection, rather than basic diamond or rhinestone pieces. The reason for this is because meteorite jewelry is available in all kinds of designs, so whether you want a new necklace, a shimmering engagement ring or a glamorous pair of earrings, it is worth visiting a jeweler for this style. As meteorite becomes more popular among jewelry lovers, the available styles are expanding. To make the most of your investment you should learn how to maintain your jewels.

Types of Meteorite Jewelry

Meteorite is a very interesting material that reflects light perfectly. Lots of people select meteorite jewelry because it is considerably durable and will keep its quality for many years. If you are looking for rings, you can choose plain bands or alternatively, you may want to select something a little more unique. When fragments of meteorite are clustered together, the jewelry will have a ‘stardust’ look to it. When accompanied with colored gems, the jewelry will look very expensive when in fact; meteorite can be purchased for a low price if you shop wisely.

Paying for Meteorite Jewelry

The price you pay for your jewels will entirely depend on the retailer you visit to make a purchase. Also, the amount of meteorite on the piece will affect the overall price. If the components used to make a piece of jewelry are incredibly rare, the price will creep up because the piece would have been harder to make. When buying online you could find a ring, a bracelet, a necklace or a pair of earrings for as little as $20, whereas another jeweler may sell pieces for as much as $7,000. It is essential to shop around and get quotes before making a final purchase.

Maintaining Meteorite Jewelry

While you could wear a diamond ring in the bath, shower or swimming pool, it is not recommended to immerse meteorite in water. The reason for this is because the metal can lose its strength, particularly if the water is filled with chemicals. Not only can the meteorite become weak when faced with water and chemicals, it can also corrode quite quickly. This will depreciate the value meaning that if you want to sell your jewelry in the future, you may not get a good return on investment. You should buy a jewelry cleaning cloth to keep your pieces in good condition and if you notice any discoloration, something as simple as toothpaste could restore shine and a beautiful color. Alternatively, you could take it to a professional to get it cleaned.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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