The Why and How of Buying a Book Light

A recent survey by the Association of American Publishers (AAP) revealed that despite the fact that there was a boom in e-book sales during that 2009-2010; the number of print books sold in 2010 was approximately the same as that of 2009. Print books are still the choice for many avid book lovers. If you are one among this group, you might want to buy a book light for reading whenever and wherever. A book light is a portable device that helps you read comfortably without disturbing anyone sitting or sleeping next to you. However, before you buy one, it’s better to know the why and how of buying. This article focuses on the same.

Why You Should Buy a Book Light

One may have hundreds of reasons for buying a book light. Here are three most popular reasons.

  • Eye comfort: There is a fine between bright lighting and glare. A good light for books will help you balance between the two. It provides adequate lighting without any glare. You can easily adjust the angle and intensity of these lights.
  • Easy to carry: As a portable device, it can be easily carried with you. That’s why travelers like to keep it in their bags.
  • Reading without dispute: It helps you to dodge unnecessary fights with your spouse, partner, or fellow travelers. As it comes with concentrated light, nobody feels disturbed when you read with it.

What to Consider When Buying a Book Light

Here are a few important things you must take into consideration when buying a book light.

  • Intensity of light: It’s always better to choose one that comes with bright light.
  • Incandescent or LED: LED lights are energy efficient; and they don’t produce much heat. While incandescent lights create a yellowish glow, LED comes with a white glow. The choice of course is yours.
  • Adjustable features:Look for a light that comes with adjustable arm, head, and clip grips.
  • Even lighting:The light you are choosing should provide even lighting. Moreover, it’s always better to opt one that provides soft lights.
  • Portability: It’s important to choose one that can be bended and folded easily so that it does not occupy much space in your bag.

While buying book light, you should compare among different types on online portals. It’s advisable that you buy them from a store that holds good reputation among consumers. You can participate in forums and check client testimonials in order to evaluate the company’s worth.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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