The Six Known Types of Digital Printing Task

In our current information age, digital printing has surpassed every other earlier forms of printing in terms of convenience and flexibility. What makes digital printing so special and preferable is the fact that it is integrated in its coverage. In digital printing, everything is transferable from conceptual or virtual imagery to multiple hard copy prints. In fact, digital printing encompasses every aspect of readable material known to mankind in modern times. Whether literature, art or even numerical equivalents used extensively in business, abstract mathematics and other forms of pure science; digital printing is the soundest measure to produce solid representations of the useful data. Digital printing in NYC expectedly encompasses all aspects of visual representation and there are over hundreds of printing press industries that compete with each other within the bustling metropolis alone.

Digital printing services cover six areas of the universal printing. These are:

  1. Desktop publishing is one of the most common types of digital printing. The idea is to create a certain software template and produce a hard copy of it. There are many tech industries that manufacture state-of-the-art printing equipments that complement with the latest computer models. Desktop publishing can be done at home by media hobbyists or done in studios that receive commissions from companies.
  2. Substrate printing is, in a nutshell, the idea of printing words, symbols or images on other mediums aside from paper. It involves sophisticated craftsmanship to engrave readable symbols on wooden, plastic and ceramic furniture. This similar principle works on precision tools etching logos on metallic surfaces like vehicle steel plating.
  3. Fine art lives up to its unadulterated namesake. Although many still uses water color and oil medium strictly for visual arts, many of the modernized artists already used computer technology to produce brilliant works of art. This aspect also includes imitation samples of the greatest artworks in history intended for educational purposes.
  4. Print on demand is one of the most common forms of small digital art entrepreneurships of contemporary times. The idea is to serve clients who needed diverse personalized print works such as wedding invitation cards, birthday cards, ID’s and book cases.
  5. Advertising has made it possible for businesses to appreciate art as an integral and inseparable aspect of their success. Whether it is to create logos for emerging corporations, brochures for wholesale market of products or signage for independent retail shops, digital printing makes business advertising work. This is one of the areas where digital printing in NYC is most competitive to, especially in the means of outsourcing brilliant abstract artists.
  6. Photography is also one of the most important dimensions of digital art. One of the best advantages of computer enhanced photographs over traditional “red-room” productions is the ability to edit certain blemishes from raw capture of the image.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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