The Lesser Known Business Laws in Sycamore IL

Commercial law or business law in Sycamore IL is an essential part of the way that you conduct your business. These laws make up your rights and responsibilities within your business regardless of the type of business you have. Business law varies from state to state; below are a few of the lesser known, but very important laws of Illinois that affect business owners. In Illinois, there are many labor laws that businesses are required to abide by. In order to ensure that your business is staying within the laws of the state, it is important to understand the complexities and limitations. A business law Sycamore IL attorney can help you to set your internal regulations, policies and scheduling to make sure you are abiding by the laws.

The School Visitation Rights Act

Labor laws in Illinois cover a wide variety of topics including child labor, day and temporary labor, farm labor, industrial, wage payment and collection, one day rest, and school visitation rights. The “School Visitation Rights Act” requires businesses to allow parents or guardians eight hours of unpaid time off during the school year to attend education or behavioral meetings or conferences at their child’s school. To make sure your business is adhering to Illinois state law, consult with a local business law attorney.

The Personnel Records Review Act

Under Illinois state law, employees have the right to review, copy and correct their personnel records. Employers are required to comply with an employee’s written request. Additionally, under the law an employee has the right to inspect any and all personnel documents which are pertinent in determining an employee’s qualifications for employment, transfer, promotion, bonuses, or raises. Because of the Personnel Records Review Act it is vital that businesses have internal policies in place that govern the types of personnel records kept and how they are secured.

The Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act

Under the “Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act”, employers are required to allow employees that are victims of domestic or sexual violence up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave per any 12 month period. This Act also allows unpaid leave if the victim is a family or household member of the employee. The unpaid leave is specifically designed to allow for medical help, legal assistance, safety planning, or counseling. It also prohibits the discrimination of employees who are victims of domestic or sexual violence. Sadly today, the rates of both sexual and domestic violence continue to increase dramatically. As a business owner, it is imperative that you understand the laws of the state.

The Acts above are some of the lesser known laws that affect business owners throughout the state of Illinois; however they are just as important as other more commonly known laws. Employment law, labor law, the UCC, partnership paperwork, debt collection and other issues can be handled easily by an experienced business law Sycamore IL attorney.

For individuals starting a business, or seeking legal representation for their business, it is important to find a trusted business law attorney in Sycamore IL. For more information visit domain.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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