The Importance of Good Space Planning

Whether you are a business that is just starting out or one that has been around for some time, you certainly want to maximize the space your company uses. Space planning can make all the difference when it comes to better work flow, increased productivity and an all-around better working environment for you and your employees. A professional space planning firm or designer can ultimately help you improve the quality and look of your office space taking into account any special requirements that your business has. Among some of the things you want to include in your space planning are:

Traffic Flow: The last thing you want are a bunch of desks, chair and workstations placed haphazardly around your space. Employees need room to easily move from one place to another without bumping into things or zigzagging their way through a maze of furniture. Clear paths and open areas should be a definite part of a good space plan.

Organization by Departments: The bigger the company is, the more departments it has, but placing the art department right near the accounting department as opposed to the advertising or marketing department makes very little sense. Your office should be planned out so that departments that are required to work together are adjacent to one another.

Open Areas: A cluttered space is uninviting to visitors as well as your employees. You would not be comfortable living in a house with clutter everywhere and furniture placed all over the place. The same goes for office furniture including storage cabinets, computers, fax machines, copiers and any other equipment that your business needs. By incorporating a few open areas that are free of furniture and equipment provides an overall more attractive work environment and can also have a relaxing effect on employees.

Special Designated Areas: If you have a lunchroom or smoking area for employees, it should be in a discreet area that will not disrupt others at work. These places tend to be loud as employees usually congregate in these areas for a break or to let off some steam. During the space planning process, these special areas should be as far as possible from where business is being conducted.

Other things to consider during space planning is where the executives will have their offices, where meeting and conference rooms are located, and having an adequate space for visitors to wait if your business frequently has them. Keep in mind that your front reception desk is the first place a visitor will see so it is important that this area is well maintained, well equipped and provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for waiting clients or business associates.

Space planning designers are ready to help turn your business into more than just a place of work, but also a place where you, your employees and visitors can feel comfortable without feeling claustrophobic.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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