The Creative Process: More Bad Ideas than Good

During the creative process the great majority of ideas are bad ones. This is true in the arts and in the sciences. The bad ideas need to be recorded though to help along the process to finding the good ideas. Sometimes however it’s hard to see if an idea is bad until you see how everything connects. Authors go through a great deal of bad ideas to find the good ones. The problem is you don’t always know what a bad idea is until you see how it interacts with other ideas. Sometimes the connection between two bad ideas creates a good idea. Organizing and collecting the ideas in a way that allows a visual representation of their connection, and allows their removal and editing is an important tool in the creative process. There are a few approaches to this, one of which is mind mapping software which allows someone to create a visual web of ideas and their intersections. The other is dry erase board paint, which turns an entire wall into a dry erase board.

The biggest advantage of dry erase board paint is the amount of surface area it allows someone to repurpose into a creative surface. Mind mapping is useful because it’s on your computer and everything’s written in clean computer fonts, as compared to sometimes cramped hand writing. The downside is the lack of space and size, which restricts how much one mind map, can cover. On the other hand, turning an entire wall into a space for mind mapping or idea development will allow a creative person a ton of space to write, draw and link as they wish. While copying and pasting won’t be a possibility, dry erase board paint allows you to radically shift things around much quicker. You’re also free to step back and see the whole process for what it is and how it connects together.

Dry erase board paint is great for letting creative people find interesting ways to connect and form ideas. The other big advantage is that you never have to worry about losing a file, it’s quite unlikely you’d lose the wall you put the work on. However, it’s not just the artistic types who can benefit from dry erase board paint. Creativity extends beyond just the artistic class, academic and business people often have to exercise their creative minds as well. For academics it’s trying to construct a solution to a real world problem by connecting it to sometimes abstract theory, for business professionals it’s trying to find concrete solutions to real problems. Dry erase board paint, and mind mapping software are beneficial to anyone looking to keep and organize ideas without having to make them permanent until they’re ready.

Getting your ideas together in a cohesive place in a way that makes sense is important. Creativity requires problem solving, and often going through a lot of bad ideas. Dry erase board paint lets you put those ideas down, form the connections and erase the bad ones at no cost to you. If that sounds like an interesting prospect then Walls Love Ink might be the solution for you. They sell a clear finish that when applied to walls turns them into a giant dry erase board. You can find them online at website.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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