Strange Cases of Turn Signal Accidents and Lawsuits in Rockford, IL

How often do you hear about traffic accidents where the drivers failed to use turn signals? How common are car accidents from failure to use a turn signal? Weirder still, do people sue in these situations, or can they even sue for something like this? The facts in these cases are rather significant, and Rockford, IL, lawyers do see a number of these kinds of cases.

How Common Are Car Accidents From Failure to Use a Turn Signal?

Actually, they are quite common. The national database that tracks causes of car accidents reports that over two million (!) accidents each year are the result of someone failing to signal before changing lanes. Many times, these accidents occur on the highways at top speeds, which makes for an even more dangerous and disturbing situation. If you have been the victim of an accident where someone to either side of you or just ahead of you didn’t use their turn signal, you can hire Freeport auto accident attorneys to sue.

Yes, You Can Sue

Failure to use a turn signal is classified as a failure to yield to traffic, which is definitely a traffic violation. You can sue for injuries incurred as a result of this kind of accident, and damage to your vehicle.

Anything not covered by your insurance (i.e., medical, automotive, etc.,) you can recover through victim compensation. The time you are allowed to sue and recover damages, however, is short. Be sure to contact Freeport auto accident attorneys through Fisk and Monteleone, Ltd. in Rockford, IL.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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