Selling Your Jewelry to Estate Jewelry Buyers Los Angeles

Estate jewelry buyers buy bulk of jewelry such as family heirlooms, collection sets and precious pieces from owners. Most people who decide to sell their estate jewerly are individuals who want to get cash for the whole bulk of their jewelry collection. The fact that the whole lot is being sold makes this process a very delicate one. Therefore you should be very careful when selling your jewelry to estate jewelry buyers. Here are some tips to selling jewelry to estate jewelry buyers Los Angeles.

  1. The demand for any product is what determines the prices that it will fetch in the market. So if you are keen on selling your jewelry for the best price, do some homework and get some basic knowledge about the market trends on used jewelry pieces. Checking on popular commercial sites such as EBay or Amazon, can help you to determine the kinds of prices fetched by the kind of jewelry that you want to liquidate. This however, is not a final determiner of the prices that the jewelry will fetch; further investigations should be carried out.
  1. Jewelry appraisal is very important in putting a price tag to a piece of jewelry. Jewelry appraisal is carried out by professional appraisers with the right qualification and credentials. Before selling your used jewelry to the estate jewelry buyers Los Angeles, the appraisal process will help you to determine whether the pieces are antiques, if the stones are precious gems and what they are actually worth. You could be sitting on a fortune without even knowing it.
  1. You can also carry out a personal inspection of your jewelry. This is to generally check for any cracks and chips that may lower the value of your jewelry to the estate jewelry buyers. Solders, cracks, chips and abrasion may slightly adjust the prices of the jewelry, so you should be prepared for this once you approach the estate jewelry buyers.
  1. There are some presently known famous jewelry makers and brand. If your jewelry is signed to any of these brands, then you should get a better price for the pieces as compared to a similar piece of unsigned jewelry. Brands such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Lalique, or Boucheron are just some of the ones to look out for.
  1. In order to get the best price for a car, the seller will clean out the car on a full detail. In the same way, you can also get your jewelry professionally cleaned. This process involves cleaning and polishing of the jewerly pieces to make them more attractive, easier to price and fetch better prices from the estate jewelry buyers Los Angeles.
  1. Do not be desperate to sell, take your time and make the best sell for your jewerly pieces.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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