Securing Your Home With Good Door Hardware

For most people, the locks on their doors at home are the only line of defense against a would-be intruder, and standard door security is not always up to the task of keeping a burglar out. There are a few things you should consider for your door hardware in Chicago to decrease the likelihood an unwanted guest gets into your home.

First, take a look at what you already have in terms of door security. Check out the type of door you have (is it metal, wood, or hollow?), the types of locks that are in place, and the peripheral items like hinges and strike plates. Also note whether you have any additional security items around the door like peepholes, and extra locks.

If you are interested in beefing up the security of your door locks, an easy place to start is with better deadbolts and strike plates. Get a deadbolt that is long enough to have a significant amount of it inside the door and also a significant amount inside the doorframe when it is locked. A deadbolt that is too short may be too easily breached.

Next, check the strike plates. Find out if they are standard or high security, and how they are fastened into the frame. Most strike plates are only fastened with short screws that penetrate the doorframe, so any solid amount of pressure (for example, someone kicking in the door) would result in the doorframe splitting and the door coming wide open. Finding one with offset screws that extend beyond the doorframe into the frame of the actual walls of the home is more secure and prevent splitting.

If your door hinges are mounted on the outside of your home, this is another area where you can improve your door hardware in Chicago. Most traditional doors open into a home so the hinges are mounted inside, but if they are not, you should consider getting a locking pin on at least one of the screws from each hinge. This prevents the hinge from being removed, an easy way for a potential intruder to get in without even having to break the locks.

Finally, finding quality door locks is essential. Today deadbolts can be found that have pick- and drill-resistant cylinders, steel bolts that are adequate length to keep the door secure, and twist-resistant cylinder guards. If you have a window or other aesthetic feature near the door that prevents you from installing the most secure deadbolts, you may also want to consider vertical locks that are installed at the base or top of the door for added security.

Now that you know what types of hardware to look for, finding the right door hardware in Chicago to secure your home will be much easier.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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