Safety Guidelines for Your Gas Logs

Gas log fireplaces are the new age fireplace that comes with series of benefits and styles. These are made in such a way that they present the look of burning wood. They produce sufficient heat to enhance the internal temperature of a house. Several new technologies are being used to introduce new fireplaces that are safer to use and are efficient in making a house warm during winter Recently, special American fire glasses has been introduced that can sustain high temperatures without breaking. These glasses reflect a lot of heat into the room making the internal temperature warm quickly.

These fireplaces produce a dangerous gas i.e., carbon monoxide. If precautionary measures are not taken while using a fireplace, then this gas can act as a silent killer for the members residing in a house. Several guidelines are prescribed for the users of gas logs.

Guidelines for using gas logs

  • Before using it, make sure that the chimney or flue is not blocked. This will not allow carbon monoxide to accumulate inside the house.
  • Sensors can help largely for those people who use unvented this logs. It is very essential to install a sensor for oxygen depletion or carbon sensor. These sensors automatically shut off the supply of carbon monoxide if the oxygen level inside the house reaches the danger level.
  • When you are installing a gas log inside your house, make a masonry fireplace and then use the system inside it.
  • While it is being used check for the doors of the fire place. Keep them open but make sure that children are not hurt. Hence, a frame of metal bars should be placed before the door.
  • Some people have the habit of using such fireplaces overnight. Always try to avoid this practice. If the temperature is extremely freezing then it is better to keep a window slightly open while your fireplace is functioning.

Types of gas logs

There are broadly two kinds available. One is vented and the other comes without any ventilation system. Both the styles are equally popular. The aforementioned guidelines are meant exclusively for non-vented style.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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