Roofing Maintenance

Roofing in Derby simply needs regular tender loving care if you want it to last. Roofs experience ongoing exposure to the harsh sun. They suffer under precipitation of all kinds; rain, hail, and snow alike. They are expected to stand up to high winds as well as the various service technicians that go tromping across them to repair air conditioners and chimneys. Truth be told, all this wear and tear slowly takes its toll on a roof’s membrane. Regular roof inspection and maintenance can lengthen the life of a roof, and delay the cost of replacement.

The lack of regular maintenance can effectively cut a roof’s expected service life in half. While a warranty may ensure function for 20 or 30 years, exclusions typically apply. Lack of regular maintenance is a common exclusion that can render a warranty null and void. Another exclusion that is often found in roof warranties is a time period within which damages must be repaired. Damages that go unattended for long periods due to lack of inspection may also render the warranty null and void. These are solid reasons to inspect your roof on a regular basis.

The standard recommendation is that Roofing in Derby should be inspected semi-annually to maximize roof lifespan and to ensure the warranty remains in effect. That said, it is important to have regular inspections carried out by professional roofing inspectors. Such persons are experienced at spotting even the beginnings of damage and avert further deterioration of roofing materials. Roofing in Derby contractors, installers, architects, and engineers can all be roofing experts. Just be sure that any given individual has concrete roofing experience and comes with solid recommendations.

The best times of the year to conduct semi-annual roof inspections are spring and fall. Both of these times precede a season of intense weather. In the summer, the sun is the most harsh and relentless. UV radiation is at its height, and heat it the most intense. In the winter, precipitation is the most substantial. This is the time when pooling and water weight become the most significant. If you live in an area that experiences monsoons, be sure to have an inspection prior to this period.

At less frequent intervals, a formal moisture survey should be conducted on your roofing material. This survey should be carried out by an experienced professional. He or she may conduct a moisture survey using infrared, nuclear isotopic meters, or electrical capacitance and resistance. Any of these quality moisture testing methods can be used effectively, but each does have its own limitations. Discuss the appropriate method for your roof with a roofing expert.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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