Rapid Fire PS3 Controllers- Good or Bad?

There has been a lot of online gaming community discussion recently about the use of a PS3 Rapid Fire Controller in games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield 3. Many serious PS3 gamers are wondering if the enhanced controller is living up to the hype. While those who’ve tried the modified controller either are totally in favor of it or are totally against it, it is becoming used more and more in the world of online gaming. Many in the gaming industry feel that use of the modified controller gives an unfair advantage over players who only use a standard controller. They feel the modified controller takes away from the purity of game play.

The main function of a PS3 Rapid Fire Controller is to give the player enhanced firing capabilities. The most common way this is done is the addition of a button to a standard controller that speeds up the rate of commands and gives the player a higher damage rate. Rapid fire controllers are mainly modified to give each of the controller’s buttons a different firing function, with each one working at different speed. The player has to learn which modification works best with each different game. As with any type of game modification, what works with one game may not work with every game.

Whether playing in single or multi-player mode, serious gamers make very regular use of these controller enhancements of the PS3 Rapid Fire Controller. The buzz in the gaming world is that the modified controller is like a surge of added power. The ability to do more damage is very much a popular game changer for novices and expert gamers alike. With the modifications that can be added to the PS3 game controller, it takes the gaming experience to an entirely different level. Players who enjoy using the modified controller find that being able to rapid fire and quickly change between weapons not only speeds up reaction time, but makes it easier to adapt to changing game scenarios.

It seems to be a thing among the gaming community that players either love the PS3 rapid fire controller or totally are against it. There are many industry experts who feel the modified controllers are necessary. Many of the modifications are not easily detectible and have become widely used at all levels of the gaming world. So there are plenty of reasons to use a PS3 rapid fire controller for your favorite battle games. Besides being one of the fastest ways to improve your basic gaming abilities, they can also help you achieve higher game rankings much quicker than a standard gaming controller would. You can enhance your controller to reflect your personal play preferences and customize your overall gaming experience while working yourway towards higher levels of online community rankings and achievements all with a few simple changes on your controller. A modified rapid fire controller is a great way to give your next battle game a whole different playing experience.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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