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When you leave your house for work, do you feel as though you are attempting to stuff your life into a bag? Even if you are organized, do you forget something you may need for work, like an ID badge? The daily routine of gathering the necessary items you may need for work doesn’t need to be difficult if you can have all your items in one place. The majority of medical professionals in today’s fields are required to wear a medical ID badge that allows them access to the areas where they work. These badges are worn either around their necks on a lanyard or can be clipped to any area of their clothing using a retractable key chain.

Every time you have to reach for the ID and access card, you can spread the germs from whatever surface you just touched to your badge holder. This badge holder will go everywhere with you, including your car and home where the germs can remain. These germs can infect you and your family as many germs can last for up to 24 hours on surfaces. It is important to keep your medical ID badge clean of germs by wiping it down with disinfectant wipes or spray. By making this task a routine before you enter your own private space, it can help contain the germs you may spread.

Another way to keep yourself free from germs you may pick up in a medical facility is to use hand sanitizer or some form of disinfectant on your hands after you touch surfaces. This can become tedious but it can also be a great routine for any healthcare worker. Is it easier to prevent a sickness or have to spend time away from work and your life due to an illness? We all know prevention is easier. It is a wise idea to not only wash your hands but have things like wipes and waterless soaps available to you throughout your day and in important spaces like your car. So that when you get into your car after a work shift, you can immediately wipe down items like the medical ID badge and other surfaces so that you can avoid getting sick. It is a manner of security for the medical facility and should be worn with care. You should do your best to not lose your badge or let anyone else use it for any reason.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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