Pre-employment background checks are a must

Pre-employment background checks or background screening is the process of compiling criminal, financial and commercial records of an individual. Pre-employment background checks are usually sought by employers on candidates seeking jobs that demand trust and security, such as in a financial institution, hospital, school and government departments including law and military. These checks are conducted by the government agencies or private companies. Pre-employment background checks include credit score, criminal history and past employment information.

Employers use these checks for objectively evaluating candidate’s qualifications and finding potential risks in offering employment. These checks also verify accuracy of candidate’s furnished information, employer sanctions or compensation claims.

Other statutory objectives behind conducting pre-employment checks include: Protection of consumers interests, promoting public awareness and restricting financial crimes.

Commonly applied background checks include: Pre-employment drug test, employee background check and workplace drug testing.

Pre-employment drug testing is an essential in the recruitment process. This test is an efficient method of controlling drug abuse. It helps in rehabilitation of a person and minimising employee turnover, absenteeism, crime and improving productivity. Employers utilize 5-panel test for detection of Marijuana, PCP, Amphetamine, Opiates and Cocaine. Some employers use ten-panel dug test.

Employee criminal background check is mandatory part of recruitment process. The cost of damage to employer’s business can be too high in not conducting this check for every new employee.

Employers need to be aware of any past criminal record of employee. Learning about lengthy arrest record of a candidate after offering employment can put employer in an embarrassing position and prove to be big liability for the organisation. Employee criminal background check can also reveal history of alcohol and drug abuse and prevent legal issues arising at later stage.

Workplace drug testing normally comprises of saliva drug testing. It is easy and non-invasive form of drug monitoring. Through this test, an employee under influence of drug can be withdrawn from sensitive task and prevented from frequent accidents. Saliva drug test is a deterrent for employees who consume drug before coming to workplace.

By conducting pre-employment background checks you get variety of information regarding candidate. It includes character references, education records, criminal history, personal acquaintances, credit records, performance report from previous employer and many other details.

These checks minimize incidences of theft at workplace, protect other employees and customers and buy a piece of mind for employer with knowledge that organization has hired a right employee.

Pre-employment background checks being time consuming process is sometimes skipped in recruitment of employees. To avoid this, services of a background check investigation agency can be readily hired. offers pre-employment drug test nationwide for small to medium businesses. We also provide Background Screening services, including comprehensive background checks and criminal searches.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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