Other Daylighting Techniques and Solar Tube in Brisbane

Daylighting is one of the most effective ways to promote holistic well-being to the family and to save energy. Daylighting is the method of letting natural light come inside closed spaces (like an office or a room) where daylight penetration may be impossible or not enough on normal conditions. This method can be done in different ways depending on which will work in any given situation.

The use of windows may be the most practiced daylighting technique. They are multi-functional as they can also allow fresh air to come in and also provide a view of the outside environment. However, in some situations windows are not possible, or maybe the ones installed only produce a small amount of light due to the position of the home. This may also be the case when an obstruction, such as a towering building or large tree, is in front of the window. These rooms would need other daylighting techniques to compensate for the inadequacy of the windows.

One widely used daylighting method for inadequate natural light is through the use of skylights. These are fenestrations which are placed on openings of the roof, directly transmitting natural light towards a room. They differ in shapes and sizes with some of them constituting the whole roof itself. Others are designed to complement interior designing concepts.

Before choosing a skylight for a home or office, one should consider some factors first such as the area of the room, light sufficiency, aesthetic form, among others. Bigger rooms need more skylights or more powerful ones. Also be sure that the skylights do not look awkward and they complement with the interior appeal of the room. Moreover, if possible, choose skylights which have built-in switches to regulate light and that they have been tested for energy efficiency to minimise heat gain.

The most advanced variation of skylight is Solar Tube in Brisbane. This is not like the typical skylights which cannot collect the same amount of light throughout the day. It is intelligently engineered to receive uniform amount of light throughout the entire day while at the same time deflecting heat especially during the middle of the day. Furthermore, it delivers consistent light and produces the spectrum of light that is as close to natural light as possible.

Solar Tube in Brisbane has three compartments namely: the dome which collects the natural light from outside; the tube, which is over and above in terms of advance engineering, reflects the light from the dome; and the light diffuser, the one which is visible from the interior of the room and spreads towards the room the light reflected by the tube.

It is highly recommended that you only purchase genuine tubular daylighting devices from genuine distributors. A lot of other brands frustratingly try to imitate the original solar tubes in vain. To be sure, visit only authorized distributors of the products that give a decade-long warranty for their daylighting system components and half a decade for electrical components.

Nothing can surpass the advantages of having a Solar Tube Brisbane installed in your home. Contact and learn more from authorized retailers now such as Brisbane Sky Lights.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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