Orland Park IL Sump Pumps, Not a Job for the Faint of Heart

In Orland Park IL, installing sump pumps is not a job you see a homeowner at your local box home improvement store asking the clerk for advice on. This is a very common part of a plumbing system and most basements in the Orland Park area certainly do have a sump pump within them, but it’s certainly no job to tackle in one afternoon weekend day. Installing an Orland Park IL sump pump is to be left to the professionals, though it’s been said, how can you know if you are getting a fair price if you don’t really know the value of something? With that in mind let’s outline the basics involved in installing sump pumps and see if it helps Orland Park IL homeowners in shopping for a fair price for the job they want to hire out.

Obviously for proper installation of sump pumps in Orland Park or anywhere throughout IL one will want a licensed, bonded and insured master plumber. It is important to see if Orland Park IL will require the plumbing contractor to pull a city permit or not, and do check the plumbers insurance, as you never know when something can go very wrong in such a big job.

A sump pumps Orland Park IL purpose is to keep the accumulated water out of the house and maintain a dry basement. The key to this working effectively is to know just what type of sump pump to install, which means choosing the correct sump pump basin. This should have been done when the home was constructed in the lowest point in the basement, if it’s not the lowest point you’ll want to relocate it as water will always find the low ground due to gravity.

If you need to expand the current basin you’ll need to be certain they do not jackhammer over any other pipe or sewer line to do so. Effectively they need a hole that allows for a minimum of a six inch perimeter around the entire catch basin. In addition the entire sump pump should have been installed a minimum of ten feet from any wall. You’ll want them to remove all the concrete in the area surrounding and under the new sump pump basin.

Next they should surround the basin with gravel and fill it so that it is level all the way around the sump pump basin. This area should be free of dirt, and any debris that could later cause a problem with the sump pumps function. Once secured the basin top should be approximately one inch above the floor of the basement. They will then poor concrete over the area to make the top of the sump pump basin and the basement floor level. It’s after the concrete is set and cured that the actual Orland Park IL sump pumps unit can be installed.

As you can tell installing an Orland Park IL sump pump is no easy task. Generally this is a task that is replacing an older sump pump that no longer works, or that fundamentally was not installed correctly which caused the current problem. If the sump pumps basin is not installed correctly one cannot expect that the Orland Park IL sump pump will function properly, and it will continue to be a problem.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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