Natural Asthma Relief without Drugs or Inhalers

Suffering from asthma is not only physically debilitating but can have a significant impact on your quality of life. It is also a frightening and potentially life-endangering condition that is difficult for any parent to witness their child endure. Serious asthma can not only cause young children to suffer from its most difficult symptoms, all of which surround extreme difficulty breathing, a hard and clenched chest, and strenuous coughing, it also can reduce a child’s daily opportunities to enjoy life.

When an active life of hard play and character development through interaction with others in sports and other activities is curtailed, the ramifications can have an effect on the child’s whole personality and future development. Missing school, the possibility of repeated hospitalizations, and the inability to participate in a normal and thriving childhood make asthma a condition no parent would want their child to endure. It usually is not a preventable condition; however, managing asthma with positivity and encouragement is the best thing for the child (or adult) who suffers from it.

Asthma often begins in childhood, but can also develop in adulthood. It basically starts out as a viral infection in the respiratory system that causes swelling, and otherwise blocks normal breathing pathways and passages. Other factors, such as the presence of cigarette smoke, are also often attributed in some cases to the onset of asthma; at the very least, cigarettes exacerbate the condition and should be avoided. While the physiological necessity for medicine and equipment may be a part of your or your child’s treatment, there are additional techniques for natural asthma relief that have proven for many people to be extraordinarily useful.

Learning how to breathe normally and prevent breathing when it isn’t necessary has been a key step for many people in providing natural asthma relief from symptoms without the use of drugs or inhalers. Various techniques are available that can help asthmatics, even when they are children, to learn to relax and breathe naturally rather than forcing in oxygen when it is not necessary. One result of breathing too much is erratic breathing, as well as the body’s resistance to excess oxygen.

The Buteyko breathing technique has proven to help sufferers from asthma to normalize their breathing and thereby often reduce asthma symptoms and the need for treatment. By helping asthma sufferers learn how to refrain from over-breathing and to breathe more naturally and evenly, many of the symptoms tend to be alleviated for some people, providing a way for natural asthma relief that isn’t always dependent upon using an inhaler or other treatments.

Natural Asthma Cure – Asthma relief can be found by normalizing breathing. The Buteyko Center offers a free breathing test online and a free Buteyko Health Evaluation report with our recommendations. The test will help you determine whether your asthma may be improved through improved breathing techniques.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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