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The mobile gaming industry is growing at a rapid rate and it is estimated that total mobile games market will reach $10 billion worldwide by the year 2014. Even though paid apps are leading in the gaming scene right now, businesses are trying to into the potential of gaming industry by giving away monetized games for free download. A recent research revealed about 90% of smartphone users play mobile games at least once a weak. Within the end of next year, about 90% of mobile phone users in the US will own a smart phone. If you haven’t heard about mobile game consulting, it is time to plunge into action and to start thinking about using mobile games to reach your potential audience.

Mobile Gaming Consulting: Tap Into Mobile Gaming Industry Opportunities

Games on the smart phones are played by both men and women. If you assume that smart phone users use their device mainly to access web on mobile, you are wrong. Smartphone owners are mostly interested in apps and games that help them to make their day better and brighter. Fermium games are raving right now because all the parties involved are benefited. Gamers will get their game as free download and game developers make profit by persuading users to purchase products or additional services through games. Business owners can use mobile games to persuade gamers to buy their products or services using fermium model.

Developing games for mobile phones is difficult and different than developing games for PC. As different smart phones use different platforms, it is important to develop games that can be used in all platforms. It is for this reason that mobile game developers are in high demand. Moreover, the games should be entertaining and engaging because unless the smart phone user spends a lot of time on games, the development effort will become a waste. Mobile game consulting companies will help you to develop games appropriate for your target audience so that they will continue enjoying the game that is monetized with your business advertisements.

It is important to understand to what extent the games can be bugged about advertisements. Most smartphone users who prefer playing games on their mobile phones prefer free apps with minimal advertising. When gamers are frequently frustrated by the cheap marketing tactics, they will simply quit the game and never come back The mobile game consulting company should be able to tell you where to draw the line between advertising products and annoying gamers..

Developing games is different from developing apps that can be monetized. Mobile game consulting will give you an insight into the potential of gamers and how they can be converted into your business customers. As people from all walks of life and in different age groups like to play games, it is important to develop games that suit a wide audience. This most fun way of advertising is catching up with smart phone users and the ability to pay using the smart phones encourages people to make purchases directly from their mobile phones. If used in the right way, the mobile gaming industry can easily increase the profits of your business in a short time.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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