Make Your Home Stand Out From Other Townhouses for Sale

It’s a buyer’s market right now. When it comes to selling your townhouse, you’re going to find yourself competing against a whole bunch of other townhouses for sale, many of which have been foreclosed on and will have a reduced price. Since it’s unlikely that you have the ability to compete against the reduced price the banks can market the foreclosed homes for, you will have to look for other ways you can make your own home stand out from the other townhouses for sale.

Most people understand the important of making the interior of their home look spectacular when they’re preparing to list it among the various townhouses for sale. You will likely find yourself spending hours sorting through your personal belongings, trying to decide which items can go into storage and which can be used to help stage the house. You’ll also find yourself making repairs, and maybe even remodeling key rooms like the bathroom and kitchen. You’ll quickly discover a lot goes into preparing your home for competition with all the other townhouses for sale.

Be careful you don’t devote all of your time into preparing the interior of your home, and neglect to consider the landscaping. Yes, an attractive, user friendly kitchen with the latest appliances will help prompt prospective buyers into making an offer, but many buyers will drive around the neighborhood, looking at the townhouses for sale, and making a list of the ones they want their realtor to show them. One of the things the will be basing this decision on will be what you home looks like from the road. You need to spend a few nice weekends puttering in your yard, and improving your homes curbside appeal. A home with attractive landscaping will attract more prospective buyers than a home with a barren yard.

It’s won’t be easy, but you’re going to want to make sure your kids put their toys away when they’re done playing with them. The sight of bikes, and abandoned roller blades scattered about the driveway might not bother you, but they will distract prospective buyers who are driving past looking at townhouses for sale from the beauty of your home. You should also act quickly and fill in holes your dog digs in the yard.

Keeping the grass mowed during the summer, the walkways shoveled in the winter, and the leaves raked during the summer makes your home appear tidy. Flowers will catch the eye of buyers, and also give your home some flair. Using perennials instead of annuals will appeal to people who like a nice looking yard but don’t want to spend much time on lawn care themselves. Changing the mulch in your flowerbeds will help attract attention, and make things look well maintained.

Have your home professionally photographed on a nice sunny day when everything is in bloom. These will be the pictures you will want to use for your real estate ads.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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